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I’m having a triple release celebration here — Reading the Wind comes out in mass market this month, Wings of Creation comes out November 10th, and of course the Academy of New World Historians showed up on the web yesterday.

To celebrate all that, I’m giving one book a week away to someone who comments here (or on the announcement post at  Most of the books will be paperback editions of The Silver Ship and Sea or of Reading the Wind, but we will also give away one hardcover copy of Wings of Creation.

wingsofcreationcoversmall.jpgIsn’t that gorgeous cover?  The art is by Stephan Martiniere and I have a full-sized copy hanging on my wall at work.  Nice cover design by Tor, too.

Even better, every entrant will have a chance at a hardback set of all three books, to be shipped out in November as soon as I get copies of Wings of Creation.

Be sure to include some way to reach you, and tell me your opinion of the Academy site.  If you can, call out something you like or that you don’t like, or offer up an idea.

Thanks so much!

9 thoughts on “Comment for a chance to win a book”

  1. The cover is great. I read about the paw cats on the Academy site. Are pictures going to be added later?

    atrue at iname dot com

  2. Hi Angela — I hope so. I don’t have an art budget, and I’m not quite sure what I can do about that for a few months. The website designer (Jeremy Tolbert) made the planets, and the other art is all clipped off of the cover artist’s work (Steven Martineire). I can write many bits, but I can’t draw very well. You would laugh if I put up my own drawings of paw cats.

    That’s a common comment thought, people want more art!

    And … you are in the drawing.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I came here to check out the site after reading In Their Garden in Asimov’s. I’m a botanist and really liked the nature aspect of the tale. I’ll be sure to seek out more of your work. P.S. I agree with Angela, the new cover is very striking.

  4. I love websites that extend the experience of the standard media. TV shows are mostly what I’ve seen, such as Nova and their “sidebar” type stories, but also more and more magazine stories refer to web sites for video, etc.

    I’m currently getting 404 errors for silvershipcoversmall.jpg and wingsofcreationcoversmall.jpg. Maybe it has something to do with how my browser is trying to resolve the address?

  5. Hi Kim,

    We found the errors – thanks! I think it is fixed now. I’m glad you came by and commented, and I’lldrop you into the second week of chances to win a book. 🙂

  6. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m really glad you liked “In Their Garden” – I wrote after I heard a talk from some very passionate people who run a botanical garden.

  7. Thanks Jim. I don’t have Chrome, but I do use Firefox as my primary browser and it works for me so that is a conundrum. I appreciate the comment and will try to track it down.

    And I’ll drop you in the drawing for week 2.

  8. Hi Angela — You are this week’s book winner. Would you like:
    A paperback copy of The Silver Ship and the Sea
    A paperback copy of Reading the Wind (the second book in the series) or
    an Advanced Review Copy of Wings of Creation (the third book in the series).

    Let me know! I’ll also need an address to send it to. If you can send that to me at I can get it in the mail Monday.


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