Reading the Wind available in paperback

readinthewindcoversmall.jpgI’m pleased to announce that Reading the Wind is out in paperback.  In honor of its release, I posted a new story on the Academy of New World Historians website.

The new story happens offstage to the action in the book, and is the first part of the overall story that has been narrated by Bryan. In the story, Bryan talks about what happens to him as he walks down the Street of All Designs.  If you then send me a comment from the Academy Site (or  comment on this post), I’ll enter you into a drawing for free books.  I’ve given away two so far, another one will be given away Friday, and one more every week up until November when Wings of Creation comes out.  On the Wings release day,  I’ll draw a name and send out a full hardcover set of the three books to someone.

Also, if you entered before, and you didn’t get a comment or a reply, then the spam filter ate it.  I have verified at least one case of the Internet eating comments meant to be entries, so if you’re not sure if you’re in, email me again.

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  1. Your are welcome – and you are in the contest! And I’m glad you liked the story. I’m hoping to put new bits up in that world from time to time. It’s a fun place to write.

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