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Zombie racoons coverWe have no say.

Here is a copy of the cover for an anthology I have a story in.  It’s coming out on the 6th – which is next Tuesday.  It’s either so bad that it’s good or it’s really, really bad.  I can see it on shelves right before Halloween, though.

It’s being considered on the internets by other authors.

My story is one of the High Hills stories set in Laguna Beach, California, behind a magic door. It is not about a bunny, or a raccoon.  It is about a frog.  And I had a blast writing it.  Also, one my writing buddies has a story in there – John Pitts.  I’ve read it; it’s good.  His last story in a DAW anthology turned into a three book deal with Tor.

Comments on the cover art welcome.

4 thoughts on “Authors and Covers”

  1. Well it certainly gets your attention. I’d pick it up and read the back just to see what the heck it was.

    But then I’m not exactly a “normal” consumer…

  2. Well, and it’s got to be good for halloween. I now have it (or one copy of it)and after all, zombies are the cool thing this year.

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