Reading Recommendation: Greg Bear’s Mariposa

Spent the weekend at the beach WITH NO INTERNET and so I’ll have three books to recommend.  It was quite lovely.  I’ll try for one a day.

I don’t why Greg Bear doesn’t get more attention for his thrillers.  In my opinion, they have the pacing and skill of a Michael Creighton  or a James Rollins, and they get Greg’s deft hand with science as a bonus.

Greg has been one of my favorite SF writers for years.  I have enjoyed his work from Moving Mars through Songs of Earth and Power and EON.  Mariposa (a Quantico novel) is more thriller than classic sf novel, but I found  the science believable and the near-future world in the novel chilling and plausible.  Mark your calendars since Mariposa is available November 10th.

Be warned:  I had trouble putting it down for silly little things like sleep.


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