Reading Recommendation: Magic in the Blood, by Devon Monk

This is a nice recommendation to make for two reasons.  The book is good, and a long time ago in a writing workshop a long time away, Devon Monk and I spent two weeks in the same writing workshop,  up at three in the morning,  finishing downright daunting writing assignments while dreaming of having our own books published by major New York publishing houses.  And of course, we both do now.  How cool is that?

I’m not at all surprised that Devon’s books are downright good either.  She’s been publishing short work for a long time and her short work is excellent.

My candy-read books are urban fantasy; it’s the place I go to dump stress since I’m not a television watcher.  Devon has dreamed up a different enough version of our world that I’m intrigued, given me strong but tortured characters, and kept up a nearly unrelenting pace.  I picked it up when it first came out since I enjoyed the first one so much, started it, and was interrupted.  I had been irritated with the interruption, but the book was perfect for October at the beach.  This was a great sit by the fire with a cup of coffee and read book.

This is the second book in her series.  The first one was Magic to the Bone, this is Magic in the Blood, and the third book is Magic in the Shadows, available next month.


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