Upcoming Event Schedule (Some Changes)

This post is partly for me so I can keep my dates in order.  Well, not really.  But it sure feels like a way-too-busy fall in the near future.  It’s all good, but I might just collapse come December or so and hide.

FiRE Global Conference:  October 15th  Wherein I wear all three hats, and am surrounded by people brighter and more accomplished than me, and try to soak up some of the raw capability that will be lying about on the floor and wafting through the halls.  Really – I’m looking forward to it.  Should be energizing.

World Fantasy:  October 29th – November 1st  Last year’s World Fantasy was a lot of fun.  I am really looking forward to it.  Much meeting of great people and hopefully opportunities to get into writerly trouble.

READING THE WIND released in hardcover November 10th!  Ignore the version of the cover art on Amazon – it’s lighter and brighter than that, and the most beautiful cover so far for a book in the series.  I am excited about this.  I really like this book, and hope to keep writing in this series.

Reading at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Seattle (CHANGED!) – November 21st  Hey – if you’re local, come on down!  This should be fun.

Orycon November 28th and 29th Yeah, it’s Thanksgiving weekend.  This is not so good.  I haven’t forgiven the concom yet, even though I understand their reasons.  But Orycon is one of my favorite SF cons in the Northwest.  One of my favorite writers, Patricia Briggs, will be GOH, and one of my favorite Editors, Lou Anders, is Editor GOH.  So there you have it.

Rustycon January 15th – 17th  A very nice small con, local, I can drive.


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