Reading Recommendation: Neil Gaiman’s “The GraveYard Book”

I really do love Gaiman’s work.  I also love his voice.  I tend to get his work in audio, largely because he reads it himself.  This is not something I recommend for most authors, but in this case, there’s magic in the way he nuances his work.  The Graveyard Book feels like it’s designed for ten-year-old boys, but it was quite fun for this middle-age woman.  It was one of those audio experiences that was good enough you do some extra weeding to listen to more of, or you sit in the car and let it cool down before you put it away, or you walk the dog a few extra turns around the block.  So me AND the dog loved this book!  A two for one recommendation.

This is, by the way, the perfect time of year for this book.

Oh — and speaking of spooky – I just discovered that I can buy this book from Amazon Fresh and have it delivered same day with my groceries, at least in the Seattle area.  The modern equivalent of the book display by the cash register?

1 thought on “Reading Recommendation: Neil Gaiman’s “The GraveYard Book””

  1. I read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK last month and enjoyed it. I picked up Anansi Boys to read next.

    Getting groceries and books both delivered same day sounds like a great idea.

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