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First, Seattle Geekly does a great podcast.  As I’m sure you can guess, they talk about all things Seattle that would interest the slightly more – well, geekly (gaming, conventions, science fiction and fantasy, anime, steampunk, other local events).  I listen in when I get time.  Even better, I visited them last week and we recorded a podcast about my newest two books (Reading the Wind out in mass market now, and Wings of Creation out in hardback November 10th).  If you want hardback copies of the first two, plus an advance uncorrected review copy of Wings of Creation, drop by their site and enter.  While you’re at it, grab a copy of their podcast. and come back on October 27th for the podcast we recorded together last weekend.  And if you want a second chance to win books, after you enter the Seattle Geekly contest, drop by and send a note from there using the contact us section with a comment on the site (anything!), and you’ll be entered into another contest.  So….lots of free books floating around to celebrate the upcoming release of Wings of Creation.

My monthly column – Today’s Tomorrows – is up at futurismic. This month, I did a short survey of a few of the interesting things on the space front.  For example, do you know where Spaceport America is?  And what is the Rocket Racing League?

Last, I blogged earlier about attending FiRe – a great conference on using technology to make the world better.  Drop by the SNS Blog “A Bright Fire” for a few posts about that – one written by me and the brilliant team I was lucky enough to work with.  Also available – the tweetstream for the conference is at #fireglobal.

And just so it’s not all about me, writer friend Pati Nagle pointed out a great post about building the cover design for Jeff Vandermeer’s Booklife.


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