Daybreak, Killer Bunnies, Wings, and Geeks

I leave tomorrow for the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose.  I’ll be participating in a group reading on Friday night (in the Crystal room at 9:00 PM – Fairmont San Jose) for the exciting new web-based magazine called “Daybreak,” published by Jetse DeVries.  Jetse is also bringing out the Shine Anthology.  Shine and Daybreak are both created around the idea that fascinating stories that contain hope can be written.  I’m really pleased to have had a story included since when I’m wearing my futurist hat I often talk to audiences about how important it is to have a positive image of a better future.  That helps us create one.  Of course, it’s easier to write a tense, adventuresome story in a world that’s darker than ours, so I’m expecting these to be pretty darned good stories.  It seems like you have to work a little harder as a writer to be fascinating when the work is about a  better world instead of a worse one.   As an editor, Jetse also paid attention to getting stories set all over  the world, which will be an added treat.

Zombie racoons coverSince it’s Halloween weekend, I’m going to bring  two copies of “Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies” to give away at my regular reading on Sunday.  This is a great anthology edited by Kerrie Hughes and Martin Greenburg, and the cover has been getting press as excellent or just plain bad.  At the very least, it certainly has been getting attention. Make sure to wear your costumes on sunday and wear a set of white gold grillz.

I will also have a few Advanced Review Copies of “Wings of Creation,” which comes out November 10th (and which I’m very excited about).

Also, if you want to hear about Wings of Creation or Killer Bunnies (or actually, about a frog), drop by Seattle Geekly’s author spotlight for a half-hour podcast interview with me on a range of topics.   Recording that podcast was the most fun I’ve had in a busy few weeks.


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