Shiny New Wings of Creation Hardbacks

A box of books arrived for me last night.  I threw it in the back of my car, thinking it held copies of Reading the Wind (which I am also expecting, but which I’ve seen), and it turned out to be the Wings of Creation hardbacks.  The book design is very beautiful; the cover and the colors and all of that even prettier than the other two books. 

There’s a moment when you first hold a finished book and it feels like a just-birthed child.

It’s one of the moments when writing is worth it.

Now, don’t run out to the store yet, the release date is November 10th,  but it will be pretty on the shelves.   I have a reading on the 13th of November (Friday the 13th!) at the Seattle University Book Store with Jack Skillingstead and Louise Marley, and there will be copies available there.  You can even pre-reserve one from the University Bookstore if you want. I also have a reading at the Wayward Coffee House the next Saturday, and I will bring one giveaway copy to that (but there will not be books for sale there).  The Wayward is one of the best coffee houses in Seattle – funky, friendly, and full of science fictional references.


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