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I’m not really surprised so many people are skeptical about science.  After all, what do often hear?  Food A or Food B causes cancer.  The glaciers are melting faster than we thought possible.  Species (your favorite) is now endangered.  Drug A which was supposed to be good for you just caused organ B to fail.  So sorry.  Not that bad news should cause disbelief, but sometimes I understand why people would rather ignore it.

So this is a good week.  Why?

  • Well, there’s apparently enough water on the moon to let us base there more easily than we’d thought.  I’m a geek girl, and the idea of a moon base while I’m still young enough to appreciate it (if not to go) is a great thing.
  • We are finding extrasolar planets so fast my head is spinning.  As of this moment, we’re up to 403.  I just got my copy of National Geographic and there’s an article about that in there (I haven’t read it yet).

So, hey, let’s appreciate the small good things.  Or in the case of extrasolar planets, the big good things.

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  1. A week later, the headline count of plntaes in other star systems has jumped to 645 plntaes around other stars. That’s now 528 planetary systems of which 76 are multiple planet systems.

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