Thanks Tony C. Smith

I had a great time guesting on a podcast called “Sofanauts” hosted by Tony C. Smith.  The other guest was Richard Morgan, and I’m going to go off and buy his book Altered Carbon today.  Richard impressed me quite a bit.  I got tongue tied a few times not knowing much about the state of publishing or the publishers in England, but I was able to talk a little clearer on other topics.  I love listening to Sofanauts and to Starship Sofa, both Tony’s podcasts.  Partly it’s because he’s got a great accent (what can I say?) and also because he’s so natural in the podcast.  I like to listen – it’s like listening to a friend even though I’ve never met him.

Funny thing is that when you listen  to yourself you never sound quite as clever as you think you were.

Anyway, we talk about writing, I announce bit of news, we discuss writing for games, series, Ray Bradbury, Tim Winton, golden age authors, writing by hand, and maybe ten or twenty other topics.

P.S.  – There is a donation button on the Starship Sofa site.


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