I’ll be at Rustycon this Saturday

Places you can find me at Rustycon (Seattle Airport Marriott) this Saturday:

10:00, Moderating the panel, Palaces and Prisons? Urban Development in the 22nd Century in Evergreen I
Is technology accelerating the divide between rich and poor? Will it make sense to live closer together in high-density zones optimized for transit and pedestrians, or will ever-longer commutes require even bigger and more comfortable cars? Will residential towers bring every indulgence to the wealthy, or simply warehouse the permanently unemployed?

Noon , talking on a panel about “Schools of the Future: From Science Fiction to Reality.” In Evergreen H
Will students sit in front of computers learning from teaching AI routines? With all the crimes in school should we continue to house students in crowded environments with a lack of adequate supervision? What will the classroom and teaching environments of the future look like?

1:00 PM, Reading in Evergreen I
1:30 PM, Autographing in Evergreen I

3:00 PM, Moderating the panel “Retro Futurism: Steam Punk and Alternate Realities” in Washington E.
What is Retro Futurism? What is the fascination with Steampunk?

5:00 PM, Moderating the panel “Have Engineering Degree, Will Travel,” in Evergreen H.
Does truly hard science fiction miss the target with the average reader? Do we care? Is this the answer to finding a new view of the future? Perhaps more collaboration between those who are hard science writers with the writers of space opera will make the resulting book something exciting technology speaking and yet of interest to the average reader


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