New Fiction Available

I have two rather long stories out and available right now, which is a lovely way to start the new year.

One is “The Robot’s Girl” which is in the April issue of Analog (on sale now at newsstands and for the Kindle).  I’ve received three notes from people who’ve read it so far and like it.  This usually happens for books, but not so much for short stories, so I’m really pleased.  The story originated when I read an article about some people in Japan being disturbed by robots being designed to help watch children.

The second story is titled “Riding in Mexico” and is online at Jetse Devries’ new magazine, Daybreak.  I write a lot set in the Yucatan Peninsula, and this is also set partly there (and partly on a near-future version of the University of Washington campus).  Jetse did a really beautiful job matching up photos to the story, which I think make it more readable.

More writing news coming soon – I’m waiting for a few signed contracts to show up.  In the meantime, I hope you like these two stories.

And as a small postscript — the books are back on Amazon.  Geez.


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