Planning a Seattle Futures Meeting

I used to attend monthly futurist meetings in Santa Monica California, run by John Smart.  They were great get togethers – a pile of people interested in talking about the future.  Eclectic.  It was scientists and techs from JPL and the local universities, people off the street, students, business people, consultants, etc.  Often up to fifty of sixty at a time.  We’d talk about books and the accelerating pace of change (which is, of course, even faster now).  I actually designed other trips so the timing would coincide with these meetings.

Well, now we’re testing the waters in Seattle to see if there are people interested here.  We did a few meetings a few years ago, but then life intervened and the meetings stopped.  So we’re trying to re-start them again.  There’s a Yahoo group, the SeaFuture Group, which you can sign up for if you’re interested in attending.  We’re planning to set up a meetup group.

We have a date and a time and a topic. That’s February 19th (a Friday) at Park Place Books in Kirkland from 6:30 to 8:00.  It’s a great location.  The people at Park Place are nice, and there are a ton of great restaurants right there in the shopping center, including Luccia, Purple, and Rikki Rikki.    We want to talk about the new design revolution.  We science fiction writers have been interested in fabricators, or machines that can make stuff out of raw materials and  a computer program, for some time.  Well, with 3D printing, this is starting to become possible.  For background reading, we’re suggesting this month’s issue of Wired Magazine.

I’ll blog more about this, but in the meantime, mark your calendar!

Jan Vandenbos is the other moderator and group leader.


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