Reading (and Hugo) Recommendation(s)

Odd title, I know.  I listened to Starship Sofa 121, which has Paolo Bacigalupi’s “the Gambler” in it.

Loved the story.  I will include it on my Hugo ballot (which I’m still working on).  Paolo is one of the best people we have writing sf right now – and are we lucky!

It was also a great reminder of how much I like Starship Sofa.  I get through about one episode a month, and I’m really never disappointed.  Today, it was my entertainment for a three mile dog walk, and since I wasn’t done yet – and wanted to hear the rest of the story – for a half hour of weights at the gym when I usually would have been listening to music.

I get a lot of pleasure from listening to Tony C. Smith and the huge pile of people who pitch in to help out with the Sofa.  And the Sofanauts for that matter.  It’s like getting a chance to listen to friends.  So I intend to nominate the Sofa for best fanzine.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, drop by and have a listen….

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