Rainforest Writers, Day 2

We had a great talk by Susan Mathews on character and then another by James Van Pelt on endings.  It’s fun to listen to writer’s teach – we all approach it so differently!

And of course,being with sf writers, the afternoon walk was full of talk about the atmosphere and axial tilt and the Cambrian day and all sorts of other geeky stuff.

Not much else to report — I’m on target for words at near 5000 for the day and an hour two left before I fall over.  That sounds like a lot of words, but I’m on the end of a novel, which is the part that tends to want to pour out of my fingers as fast as I can type just so it’s done and out of me.  It’s kind of like being possessed by story.  I want to find out what happens.  You’d think I’d know since I’m the writer, but it’s not quite like that.   I only know the end as a shadow right now.

This is a picture of part of the retreat grounds.  I’m in the cabin on the left (#18) with a great view of the lake in two directions.



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