Rainforest Writer’s Retreat Day 4


We’ve now seen the last sunset we’ll see here.  I’ll be happy to get home, but another three days of writing would finish the book.  I’m over 11,000 words, but there are that many again to go, or maybe a few more.

The highlights of today were a great talk by Barb and JC Hendee (writer’s of the bestselling Noble Dead series), a walk in the woods, a semi-private concert by Ken Scholes, and a killer sunset.  I have to admit if I were tasked to pick a favorite out of four great things today, it might be Ken’s singing.  I will post some YouTube once I get home and have decent bandwidth (The only two tough things about this retreat are no dogs, and we are sipping bandwidth through a  single wireless straw shared amongst many geekly types).


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