Reading Recommendation: Bridesicle by Will McIntosh

Nice.  I listened to the Starship Sofa podcast.  It’s also available as a PDF from the Asimov’s site (at least for now – it’s a nebula nominated work).  I almost didn’t even try to get through it because the title just wasn’t very attractive to me, but the story is quite moving.  It turned out to be one of the stories I stayed out for an extra long walk to get finished in one session.  The dog didn’t mind.

3 thoughts on “Reading Recommendation: Bridesicle by Will McIntosh”

  1. An interesting excerpt from this morning’s listen on my drive in to work went something like this.

    As a young child, the speaker said he went to his (I think) grandfather’s house. He was surprised to find servants handling things as he had never known anyone to have servants before. Strolling through the large house, and out the back door to where he expected to find the back yard, there were instead rows and rows of cages. Instead of animals inside, there were humans.

    The speaker then explained that it wasn’t until he was older that he was to understand that his grandfather was a jailer, and his house back against the jail, and that the servants were actually trusted inmates.

    Wow! Good stuff, and supposedly a true story. Thanks for the tip.

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