The iPad: After Week Two

This is just a quick update, and then I’ll do my next iPad piece in John DeNardo’s Mind Meld on the topic next week, returning this blog to it’s regularly scheduled programming.

I still love the iPad. 

Promised experiment on reading:  Not as good as the Kindle, but it is readable.  Hint:  turn down the screen brightness to save your eyes.  I have one book I’m reading on both the iPad and as a physical book (don’t ask) and I am going to the physical book when I can.  I don’t have the same preference with the Kindle (which is a better way to read a novel).  But I am liking the news reading more and more, and I bet I cancel my Times sub for the physical paper soon and ditch the guilt over the ads.

Promised experiment on writing.  I did write a story on it.  It got easier as I went, and I’m pretty sure it will be fine.  Don’t know if the story is any good.  But that’s a different porblem.  It’s actually nice to work in a word processor that isn’t loaded with stuff I don’t need, and which can’t be interrupted by email.  Maybe I don’t want the multi-tasking after all.   Verdict?  It won’t become my favorite thing to write on, but it may become my mobile writing platform.  Maybe I’ll switch all my computing to Apple.  It’s a better user experience.  I knew that, but stuck to Wintel since I use that at work and I am the CIO, after all. I should the food I feed the organization.  But mobile is becoming the driving force in my life, and Apple is so much better there. 

Question for the group mind:  Anyone using Mobile Me?  I could get files ONTO the Mobile Me from my wintel desktop – no problem.  I could see them on the ipad.  But I couldn’t move them to the iPad.  It’s like Apple just doesn’t want me to actually put content on it that isn’t inside an app.  I would have been happy to just copy them from MobileMe into Pages, but that didn’t work, or I didn’t know how.  Not sure which.  How are the rest of y’all doing that?  Google Docs?

2 thoughts on “The iPad: After Week Two”

  1. I’m still waiting for the 3G option before deciding on my purchase, and now I’ll probably wait for os 4 as well. I am told that the apple bluetooth keyboard works with the iPad. Have you tried that as an option for writing? I know it would be one more thing to carry around with you, but as an IT worker myself I feel that i’ll need my home row to type at speed. Maybe I could put a little epoxy bump where the F and J keys are.

    I have avoided using .mac and now Mobile Me. I just don’t like the idea of paying some crazy amount every month for something that I can do for free and better with a little extra effort.

  2. Update. Apparently USB keyboards work as well if you buy the $20 iPad camera adapter.

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