Heading Back to Normal Life

After two weeks in Bend, where I have been mostly doing laundry and cooking and driving about and worrying and other stuff related to caring for my most-beloved little brother, I will be heading home soon  to a faster pace and more of the usual activity.  There will be some catching up to do.brenda and dogs in Bend

The weather basically was, well, it sucked.  I had visions of breaks to ride my bike.  Hah!  The picture  is me, soaked, walking with the two golden angels.  That would be Nixie (my dog) and Odin (my brother’s dog – the bigger one).  He’s the one who taught me to love goldens in the first place.  Dogs are a good comfort and they convince me to walk even in the wet. This is good:  movement is a good thing.

I have learned a number of things that I already know – but learning spirals up.  So I have learned that cancer is cruel (and how cruel), that family matters (and how much) and, once again, the value of the company of dogs.

I did get out an article on implants which should be in Futurismic soon.  I’ll pop the link up here or tweet it or both as soon as it’s posted.  In the article, I talk about the current goings-on regarding implanting chips in people, which range from RFID chips for identification to some pretty cool alternate materials.  And I came across things I didn’t have room to add to the article like stem cells being used to grow new teeth.


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