Starry Heaven Day 2: Fire, a Walk, and the Night Sky

A great morning of critiques.  Excellent food.  We followed that by spending the day hiking.  Good thing we went today since they are going to close the forest tomorrow or the next day.  The fire is still burning, and has gotten bigger.  It is still not too near us, and has burned no structures, although it is doing no favors for the dry forest.

It is really wonderful to be in the company of writers for so long.  It is like tribe.  It feeds the soul.

The top picture is Bill Shunn by sitting near where we ended our hike and dipped our toes into the water.

And the second picture is Sarah Castle (Kelly), who was our hike leader today.  She is also the fearless leader of the workshop.

For the evening, a few of us wandered up to the Lowell Observatory and observed M-5 and also the bright sparks of the fire against the night sky.


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