Starry Heaven Day 3: The Phase Shift

Workshops have rhythm.  The rhythm for Starry Heaven starts with critiquing the beginnings of each others’ books.  Beginnings matter – they are what sells manuscripts to agents and publishers, and what initiates readers into the world of the book.  So we have been sitting in a large group sharing impressions of each others beginnings. 

Today, we move to a new phase where a few people will have read each completed manuscript; the same dance only smaller and deeper.

If you want to follow some of the pictures and bits of info, the twitter hashtag for us this week is #SH2010.

On a more personal note, I have been drunk on sunshine.  Coming here from a dreary Seattle spring and being in woods with bright blue sky and the kind of forest that allows humans to walk easily anywhere without a machete is like falling into happiness.  In Seattle, this time of year means that an hour of sun makes us smile and a day makes us so giddy we start proposing to strangers on the street.  Four whole days of sun and warmth is something so close to heaven I have been sneaking outside at every opportunity.  Now that we’re switching gears to what amounts to a slower pace, I’m hopeful I will drift into working on a story I need to finish and doing some more futurist research.

For those following this post series, the fire is still burning in the ridges above the city, but there was less smoke yesterday and there is some containment.


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