The Oceans

The oil spill isn’t on the front page any more.  But it hasn’t slowed down.  Even though I have been paying some attention, I was surprised to see that BP has collected over one million gallons of oil so far.  Yipes! We know they haven’t collected most of what’s gushing out.  The live camera down at the bottom of the sea is hard to watch.  But it’s clearly becoming yesterday’s news for many people who aren’t directly affected.

This month, in my Today’s Tomorrow’s column at Futurismic, I chose the ocean to write about.  Almost all of the research scared me.   We can’t afford to destroy our oceans.  I think we do it because they look so big.  But even all that water can’t hide our sins against it.  There are too many sins now, too many bottlecaps and grocery bags and inflows of raw sewage.  Maybe that will be one small good to come from the horror caused by the spill.  The oil slicks are visible.


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