Reading Recommendation: The Windup Girl

I realize I’m late to the party for this award-winning book.  The Windup Girl is one of my favorite kind of books:  complex, plausible, a little scary, brilliantly written, and satisfying.

Paolo gets a lot of points from me on world-building.  I believed this place and time. Of particular interest, I believe that we have come to a world where the balance of power is affected by corporations at least as much as by governments.  This book captures that, although it isn’t “about” that.  I think the core of The Windup Girl is an appreciation for the plenty and abundance we have now, and a warning.  But then, most good science fiction books are warnings.

Small warnings for the reader:  Not for the faint of heart, and prepare to spend some time with this one – it is a bit of work to read, but the work pays off. Well.


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