Reading Recommendation: WWW: Watch

I have been getting in more reading lately due to long drives (and audiobooks), the coming Hugo vote, and the fact that it’s  a bit easier to read than write at the moment.  Yes, I’m doing both, but in different proportions than usual.

Anyway, I loved Robert Sawyer’s WWW: Wake, which I recommended long before it got noticed for awards.  Well, the sequel came out this year, and I loved it, too.  It pretty much hits all of the things I read SF for.  Sawyer has taken a geeky topic (Emergent AI) and explored a lot of the relevant details and conundrums.  While he is a tiny bit heavy-handed on the conversations, I didn’t mind – they’re conversations I love to engage in.

So…if you like geeky, techie books with a good message, you’ll love WWW:Watch.   I, for one, am sick of reading about the apocalypse – zombies, disasters, 2012, and climate change with no win.  I ended up happy, smiling, and well-entertained by this book, which portrayed a future with more good choices and possibilities in it.


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