Good Things in Threes

Most days, I still feel pretty invisible.  I’m certainly not a famous science fiction writer, and no geek household name like Cory Doctorow or Charlie Stross that gets thrown around the interwebs regularly. But today is a very pleasant writer/futurist day from the point of being engaged in the bigger community conversation.

ABCnews included quotes from an interview with me for the story, “9 Sensational Sci-Fi Ideas That Came True: Predicting Crime, Flying Cars, Space Tourism first appeared in Science Fiction” by Ki Mae Heusner.

My regular monthly column, Today’s Tomorrow’s, came out today.  This time I wrote about space elevators.  See Riding the Wire:  Space Elevators over at Futurismic, which you should all be reading (for way more than my column).  I also got to talk about local filker and physicist (what better mix is there in the world?) Jordin Kare in the column.

I had a lovely lunch with an organizer for a reading I’ll be doing Friday, at the Redmond Association for the Spoken Word, or RASP.

Now, the rest of the day has been a craze of meetings at work and bill paying and dinner ingredient buying.  In other words, perfectly ordinary and a bit stressful since there is NEVER enough time in any day to get everything done.  But these things all made me smile.


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