The Dangers of Missed Deadlines, or Pretty Ruby

This spring, I attended a writer’s workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona.  There, I agreed to get the final draft of my current WIP novel, The Creative Fire, done by August 31.  Now, all of us came up with carrots or sticks.  I came up with a stick, since I am personally motivated by sticks. My stick was that I would need to paint my nail neon pink.  It’s pinker than it looks in the picture, honest.  Although my graphics expert called it Ruby.  And for those of you who know the manuscript, that’s apt.

2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Missed Deadlines, or Pretty Ruby”

  1. I thought I’d be a good example to the group and just take my lumps. I hate the color, and I am writing to get it off!

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