It’s SF Week for me (That’s SFWA and SF Signal)!

Thanks to Cat Rambo for asking me excellent questions in an interview over on the Science Fictions Writers of America Site.   I don’t actually see Cat nearly as often as I like, but by coincidence we met for coffee yesterday, and I got to pick her brain to add to a guest post I did for SF Signal (the post is scheduled to come out on Thursday).  I also get to do a podcast for/with SF Signal on Thursday.  I’ll post more details on that when I learn any, or you can catch info @brendacooper on Twitter.

Speaking of podcasts, I listened to a great Robert Reed story over at Clarkesworld yesterday called “The Cull” narrated by Kate Baker.  Sometimes you just know you are in the hands of a master storyteller.  More proof, IMHO, that Clarkesworld deserved the Hugo they just took home.  Congratulations to Neil Clarke and Sean Wallace.

2 thoughts on “It’s SF Week for me (That’s SFWA and SF Signal)!”

  1. Hi Brenda

    Followed a link from your very interesting SF Signal guest post. I like it here! Think I’ll hang around. Hard Sf AND optimism, that’s a precious combination 🙂

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