Reading Recommendation: Antiphon, by Ken Scholes

Just finished this last night. Loved it.  This is the third book in the “Psalms of Isaak” series, and if anything, it is even stronger than the first two.  There is something very lovely about a series where the books get better as they go.

This series falls  into the “big fat fantasy” genre, although luckily the books can be picked up and carried around (I just ordered the latest Brandon Sanderson, “The Way of Kings,” and I can already tell I will need a digital format copy if I want it to be portable – the physical thing is an anvil of a book that should have been released in modules or something).

There is all of the complexity of a George R.R. Martin series at a more palatable length, and with as much lovely surprise and twisty plot happiness.  Many times throughout this book things happened which I hadn’t seen coming.

Small warnings:  Ken’s world is complex enough that you may want to keep all three books nearby, and maybe skim the others.  I didn’t, and it took me the first quarter of the book to feel re-grounded in the Churning Wastes and the Ninefold Forests. But then that complexity of world is why I love fat fantasy books.

There is also new cover art for the series which I like much better.  I liked the old art too, but these are  more personal.

I highly recommend it!


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