On FiRE This Veterans Day

I’ll be spending my day off tomorrow at the Future in Review one-day conference called FiRE Global.  I’ve been invited to participate in the CTO challenge, which is this case is a continued discussion about scaling energy, which may be no less than a talk about how to save the world.  My belief (based on years of research and lots of listening to and reading scientists) is that if we don’t replace a large portion of the fossil fuel we use with renewable energy, we will so radically change the world that it may not be a place where we can live any more.  I’ll get to join Ty Carlson from Microsoft, Larry Smarr from CalIT, and Janice  Nickel from HP on the stage.  I’m pleased to have been included in this conversation in this venue.  Last year, I spent the whole day fascinated.

And that’s only 45 minutes of a full day.  If you’re free, consider coming to be part of FiRE Global West Coast.  It’s going to be a very interesting day.

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