Reading Recommendation: Paolo Bacigalupi’s “Ship Breaker”

Paolo does really good near-future science fiction.  I particularly liked Ship Breaker since it felt a little lighter than Paolo’s other books, and was a much faster and easier read.  That, of course, if probably because his primary audience is YA.  Mind you, I’ve loved his darker and more difficult work like The Windup Girl as much.  This feels like it’s set in the same basic world, although on another part of the planet and in a simpler milieu.  The book has just won the Printz award for a “book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.”

I am always quite happy when people put “literary excellence” titles on genre books.  We have a lot of very good writers in the speculative genres and I think they are often overlooked by people who are searching for “literary excellence.”  Go Paolo!


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