An Excellent Presentation on the Future

I came across as excellent presentation about the future called Future Agenda.  I think it showed up via one of the people I follow in Twitter.  It’s gold for an SF writer…very visual, very easy to navigate, very clean, and it fits (in general) with my understanding of likely futures based on my futurist research.  I kind of think the whole world aught to look at it, frankly.  Places to stop and visit for sure:  There is a 10 questions area with ten questions each for governments, organizations, and individuals.  They are good questions.  There is a lovely piece on lighting future cities (where 70% of us will live) using sunlight carried over fiber-optic cables. It’s not all Pollyana:  There is a article on  resource constraints.  That said, overall it is hopeful but also appears to largely be pragmatic.

This is a great example of the power of multimedia to organize information that’s dense and varied.  Also – of a lot of interest to me as a futurist and a writer – in the introduction they refer to the Future Agenda as a book.  I don’t know if it can also be acquired as a physical book, but I think this is an example of content too rich for the less dimensional capabilities of a physical book with pages.  The discussion is about the future and the presentation itself is a glimpse toward the future of content.


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