Thailand Day 2: A Day of Buddhas and Monks

Today I started out with a tour of three temples, and then I had the driver drop me at the Grand Palace.

I heard monks chanting.

I saw many Buddha’s.  Maybe hundreds.  Maybe thousands.  I saw a gold Buddha that weighs 5 tons and one that weighs one ton.  I saw a reclining Buddha that was just plain huge.

I talked with my guide about Buddhism.  He said that Thai men must be monks for three months when they are thirty and then spend 2 years in the military.  Having to be a monk before you go into the military sounds brilliant to me.

Perhaps it is Buddhism that makes the Thais’s I have met so peaceful and happy.

More pictures from today online.

It is only afternoon, but my foot and broken finger are calling a halt, at least for now.  I can’t imagine snapping my Achilles tendon over here.  I even have blisters on both feet.  But the day was worth the blisters.


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