Last day of Thailand Pictures (and the S. Korean airport)

Last day of Thailand tourism — where I rode a bus for hours, played in very bona-fide tourist traps like bamboo boat rides, and rode an elephant.

My pictures are up, including some pictures of what are now my two favorite airports in Bangkok and S. Korea.  I hope I get back to both – countries and airports.  I feel like I only saw some of the surface of Thailand, and now I definitely want to return.  There is something quite magical about the country. I missed whole parts of the show – I stayed in every night being that I was a single female traveling alone. Not that it didn’t feel safe, but it would be easy enough to become a target.  Next time I will hopefully travel with someone.

Lessons for traveling in Thailand:

  • Carry toilet paper and a change of clothes.
  • Keep your camera ready all the time.
  • Cover your shoulders and your knees.
  • Bring respectful clothes (full-length pants and modest shirts) for the temples.
  • Bargain but do it politely.
  • People will bow to you.  Bow back.
  • Private tours are more expensive, but they are also much better.
  • Be curious – Thailand is a lot different from the US.
  • Expect surprises.
  • Thailand has a lot of smells.  Savory, sweet, and downright awful. They often mix.  Be prepared.
  • In good hotels, there are power outlets that work with American plugs.  Probably not in most other places.
  • Best to get a hotel on the river in Bangkok.
  • Learn to do the math converting bhat to dollars in your head.
  • Go ahead and tip.  It won’t cost you much, and isn’t even necessarily expected, but many of the people helping you are poor.
  • Avoid driving or using roads if you can.  They’re crowded.  Use the river when possible.
  • Carry sunscreen.
  • Carry toilet paper and a change of clothes.  Just a reminder.

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