Reading Recommendation: Mozart’s Blood, by Louise Marley

Louise Marley is a good friend and we sometimes share bits of writing with each other.  So I saw Mozart’s Blood born a few years ago.  I hadn’t read it all the way through, or even seen the last half at all.  My theme for recovery has been “read the things you want to read” instead of the stuff I have to read.  And like the M.K. Hobson, I wanted to read this.  In fact, Altered Carbon is the only book left from when I joined SFSignal on the topic.

Mozart’s Blood is a literary operatic historical vampire book.  Yep, you read that right.  And Louise is such a damned fine writer it doesn’t miss a beat.  Gorgeous book.  Go check her out on Amazon – she has consistent 4 to 5 star ratings, and she earns them.  Note that her next Kensington book comes out in August, and Louise and I are planning an awesome launch party.  We both have August realese books (mine is Mayan December and hers is – I think – The Brahms Deception).  Both have time travel, mystery, and a bit of love in them even though they are otherwise very different.

Anyway, I highly recommend Mozart’s Blood, especially for readers who also like history, travel, and music.


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