Mayan Reading: The Sacred Well, by Antoinette May

There are certain events – and places – that inspire creativity in many people.  Ancient Rome.  Egypt.  World War II.  One of those is also surely December 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar. The place – of course – is the Yucatan Peninsula.

Now that I’m finished with my own novel set there (Mayan December – coming out from Prime Books in August 2011), I’m reading what other people have done with the same place, and I plan to report some of that here and also to do some interviews with experts in the area.

Today, I finished Antoinette May’s historical novel, The Sacred Well.  May explores the love story of journalist Alma Reed and Governor Felipe Carillo.  This journey takes her back to the 1800’s, the early excavation of Chitzen Itza, and some of the more tumultuous days of class warfare in the region.  In fact, it turns out that I had already read about Carillo my research for a Steampunk story I set just before his time.  I very much liked the way that historical details and politics wove through the book, and I loved reading about a time I haven’t yet explored in detail.  Faior warning:  this is a literary book, and will appeal to readers interested in place and character.

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