Very cool patch for a new story

I have a new story coming out soon in the anthology “Defending the Future IV:  No Man’s Land.”  The anthology is being published by Dark Quest Books, and was edited by Mike McPhail.  Each story gets a patch that illustrates the story.  Here is the patch for “Cracking the Sky.”

More on the anthology and the planned launch at Balticon later (although I can’t be there, I hear there is a grand party planned).  We are also hoping to have a spot to do a reading at Worldcon in Reno, but I don’t have word on that yet.

At any rate, this represents a few firsts for me.  It’s my first pure military SF story (yes, the Silver Ship series does feature some futuristic fights).   It’s definitely the first mission patch I’ve ever seen for one of my stories.  I like it a lot and it represents the story really well.

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  1. Peter = Yes still an interesting furute we live in miss those heady days in the Labs when anything seemed possible loved your speech on the intelligence of machines reminds me of good times. J

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