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I have a great schedule for NORWESCON, coming up in Seatac next weekend. I do want to draw attention to the reading for Mayan December (coming in August from Prime Books) – it’s early in the con, and so I will have some limits on my time to advertise it.  I’m very excited about the book, and will shortly have first chapters posted.  The ARC’s are rumored as likely to show by this reading, and they look like they are going to be a work of art in themselves.

Friday Noon Cascade 3       Brenda Cooper reads Mayan December

Novel coming out in 2011

Brenda Cooper

Friday 2pm   Evergreen 1&2           Can We Change the World through Science Fiction?

Science fiction literature provides the perfect oeuvre to hold a mirror up to humanity and look at who we are and what we might become.  Science fiction has long been the home of astute social commentary and in-depth exploration of what it means to be human; but can it be used as an art form to teach critical thinking?  Writers have used SF to tell allegorical stories that criticize political realties and challenge us to question the status quo.  How deep of an impact can literature, or any art form, have on informing people’s thoughts and behavior?

Leslie Howle, Michael Alexander, Brenda Cooper, Eileen Gunn, Todd Lockwood

Saturday 9am          Cascade 9       Climate Change in the 21st Century

There is more CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any time during the last 650,000 years. Climate alterations are expected to be serious: more intense storms, more pronounced droughts, coastal areas more severely eroded by rising seas. At the high end of the predictions, the world could face abrupt, catastrophic, and irreversible consequences. Is there any chance at all that we can slow down global warming?  Are there geoengineering solutions to climate change?  Can giant space mirrors or salt water sprays realistically solve our problems?

Brenda Cooper, Paul Dixon, Janet Freeman, Mary Rosenblum

Saturday 11am        Cascade 13     The Citizen-Soldier in the High-Tech World

Perhaps not since the Age of Pointy Sticks has technological advances had such crossover between military and civilian uses. Is it time for the American model of the Citizen Soldier to take another step forward? And what direction is that? What are the advantages? The disadvantages? The story potential?

Bart Kemper, Mike Brennan, Brenda Cooper, Mike Shepherd Moscoe

Saturday 2pm          Cascade 5&6   Near Future Nightmares and Dreams

Science fiction writers will explore their personal visions of what might happen in the next decades as a result of political, social, and metaphysical events of recent years.

Brenda Cooper, Marc Laidlaw, Jack Skillingstead, Ted Chiang, Robert Ferrigno

Saturday 3pm          Grand 2           Autograph Session 2

Saturday 4pm          Cascade 5&6   The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received

…and Am Now Passing On To You.

Nancy Kress, Vicki Mitchell, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jack Skillingstead, Brenda Cooper, Eileen Gunn, Jay Lake, B. D. Gallagher

Saturday 9pm          Cascade 8       Space Colony Utopia

Within some of your lifetimes, sharia-law Islamists, nudists, kibbutzen, matriarchists, atheists… maybe even people like us, who might want to get away from the interferring politics and armies of Earth and join with like-minded people to form their own independent societies may be able to do so.   Assuming the technical problems can be solved, would this happen?  How would such colonies interact with Earth?

Mark Bourne, Brenda Cooper, G. David Nordley, Eytan Kollin

Sunday Noon           Cascade 8       Create a Character in One Short Scene

What’s the best way to introduce a character? Panelists will explore how to show who your character is through dialogue and actions instead of relying on description.

Mary Rosenblum, Brenda Cooper, Kevin Radthorne, Craig English, Chris Pasden

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  1. Brenda,So glad to hear you are feeling beettr. I have been buried in work but this weekend I am back to my true love- reading and reconnecting with the gracious and loving people who are part of this community- with you in the front of my mind.I like everything about your prayers for the New Year. The imagery of light words stands out though. Your writing has a natural and honest way that makes it at once easy to read and yet also heavy with meaning and power. So, yes, light but also strong and deeply meaningful.I am excited for what is to come and also seek the acceptance that will allow me to sail through what’s ahead, the sad and the glorious, the moments of strength and of weakness, all of it. So good to feel that we are connected on these journeys.Tom

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