Relay for Life

Warning: Yes, this is a rare personal post and yes, I’m fund-raising. Cancer took my little brother Russy last year. It’s assaulting two of my friends right now; a sweet man named Pere who worked with Russy for years, and a writer friend, Jay Lake. It’s inside my partner’s sister and wreaking havoc on that side of the family. It’s caused a dear friend of mine and his family to move across the country in one of those awful dilemmas where cancer and career collide head-on.

So yes, I’m fund raising. I set a modest goal, but I’m hoping to blow it away. I have a lot of FaceBook friends an Twitter followers and if half of them donate the price of a latte, I will exceed the goal easily.

Can I walk? Many of you know I’ve recently had Achilles tendon surgery. But the Relay for Life is around a High School track and you can do what you can, so it’s not like I’ll be trying to do the 3-Day by starting with swollen feet.  I can walk in my slippers if I need to.

If you’re willing to help out, I have a personal page devoted to the fund-raising effort.



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