New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change

Stop by Futurismic and take a look if you get a chance.  This was  a particularly tough article to write because the problem is so diffuse and our actual knowledge so hard to quantify.  Climate is a complex system full of chaotic elements and strange attractors, including political strangeness.  But the fact that it’s difficult doesn’t excuse us from the need to make some fundamental changes.  I’m an optimist at heart:  we can make changes and some or most of them will be good for other goals in the long run.  We can build new industries and creatively dismantle old ones, we can get ourselves prepared better for the rest of the population boom (and the numbers there are very scary),  we can do things that are better for our overall health.

2 thoughts on “New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change”

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