Clarion West Write-a-thon

I’m one of many participating writers in the Clarion West write-a-thon.  My personal page for the write-a-thon lists my goals.  I usually sponsor writers, but don’t actually participate.  This year Nisi Shawl asked me so nicely I agreed. This is good:  external goals always push me.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish:  I start out the Clarion season by heading back to Wisconsin to a workshop where a number of professional writers will be critiquing each others novels.  So just like the students will get feedback on their work, I will too.  Then I’ll spend about four weeks getting my second draft done of the novel, a YA near-future post-collapse novel set mostly in Portland, Oregon.  I’ll post about the experience and what I hear, and how it is to get and use feedback as a working professional.  I also want to get two short stories done, and two poems.  If you sponsor me – even a little – you’ll get emails that include short excerpts of the work.  You’ll even get the poems, which I’m afraid will be bad since I haven’t written much poetry lately, even though my first published work was poetry (that’s my extra push for the write-a-thon – digging out my poetry skills, which have rusted a bit).

I will also sponsor some writers.

And…I think you all should too.  I hope you sponsor me, but no matter what, sponsor at least one of your favorite writers there!  Clarion West does a great job of producing a fabulous experience for the students, and it’s expensive.   These sponsorships help.  Donations can be made by PayPal and even $5.00 helps – it all adds up.


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