Clarion Write-a-Thon and WellSpring Workshop Update

Okay – so I’m almost 2,000 words into the story, and a little bit stuck.  I need a bridging event to get me from the set-up to the end.  So I decided to stop for this check-in and let my hind-brain work on it.  There are a few more writing hours today, anyway.

Crit on my first fifty was full of good ideas, some big enough I have to really think about them.  I want to start working on fixing things right now, but I’ll have one more feedback session this week and I should wait.  Besides, I want to finish this story and get one down on my goals for the workshop. Always, there is more than one thing to do.

Not to mention I’m now reading a GREAT YA I downloaded after I heard about it over dinner last night.  Thirteen Reasons Why.  It’s a brilliant story. Hanging out with writers always results in more stuff to-be-read.  Sigh.

We are back at the Caribou, a pile of writers staring at various screens and doing nefarious things.  The sky remains full of water and dark clouds, threatening but not yet following through.  They tell us we’ll have real thunder-storms tomorrow.


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