Write-a-thon and Workshop Post #3

Wellspring continues to be fabulous.  Last night, we read at the Hopleaf Bar in Chicago – a lovely event that Bill Shunn put together for us.  Six of us each did short pieces and Bill read a poem.  Every reader got ovations, and the beer (or cider in my case) was great!  The next to last reader was reading a tense scene set in the grand canyon when a thunderous storm started sending flashes of lighting through the window onto her face and made the audience jump.  The universe clapping for her, I think!

On the write-a-thon, I’m now about 3200 words into my short story.  That feels a little behind, but I might be able to find more time today.  Don’t forget that if you sponsor me, you’ll get an email with WIP every week.


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