Write-a-thon Update

I’m safely back from Wellspring, where a good time was had by all.  Certainly, by me.  I loved meeting the other participants, my foot allowed a little more walking than I expected (yeah!!  Getting better is good).  I managed to get out two stories….so that actually meets the story promise for the write-a-thon.  I won’t count them for sure until I get them submitted somewhere, but one is set in my Silver Ship series world, which I’m trying to ease back into so I can finish the fourth book in the series.  The other is one of those short 1,000 word pieces I like to play with.  I should get feedback on those from a favored friend and first reader later this week.

On other fronts, life and a lack of sleep has left me behind on a project for Futurismic and work has crept up with some extra demands in trade for the week off.  Which is the long way of saying not much writing will happen for a few days.

The next big promise for the write-a-thon is novel revision.  I’ll talk about that when I get it started this weekend.

For a thought to leave you with (found on a fence in Lake Geneva, WI)


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