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I got to read at Tuesday Funk while in Chicago week-before-last.  This is thanks to Bill Shunn.  One the web now:  recordings of most of the readers.  I highly recommend dropping in to watch a few – and don’t miss Bill’s poem.  It’s short and sweet and he reads very well.  If you want to hear my work, I read all of the short story “In Their Garden” which first appeared in Asimov’s and then in David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer’s “Year’s Best 15.”  It’s a fun story to read.

For my most recent Futurismic column, I spent about a half day researching the current state of stem cell therapy.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many ways it is being used and by how there is a lot less vitriol and fear out there now.  I suspect that’s mostly because most of the work is being done with adult stem cells, so the moral ground is a little less questionable.  Notice almost no comments – I get more attention when I rant.  But I still found this fascinating and hopeful.

Two interviews have also come out.  One is over at where I talk about “Cracking the Sky” and how a gal who hates war ends up in a military science fiction anthology.   The other is at Heidi Ruby Miller’s blog, where I answer six questions.


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