Clarion West Write-a-Thon Final Update

Just wanted to close the loop on this one.  Clarion West – and the write-a-thon – are both finished now.  In total, the write-a-thon raised over $20,000 for the program, which is fabulous.  So no matter whether you sponsored me or another writer, thanks for the support!  It will go to a great cause.

I mostly met my goals.  I did do the two stories and two poems, and got half-way through the novel re-draft rather than all of the way through.  But at the time I set the goal, I expected less work needed to be done than I’m doing.  I’ve added two whole new chapters and made significant changes to 14 others so far.  So now I’m hoping it will be all the way done by the end of August rather than the end of July.

The extra bonus the write-a-thon gave me was the poems.  They’re not brilliant, but they’re done. And sometimes as a writer, that’s what you get.  Finished.  I expect them to have a home (and maybe a re-draft of their own).

I hope to do it again next year!


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