The eBook conversation happens everywhere!

Toni and Katie and I spent the day on horseback riding above the rim of the Wai’pio valley on Kona.  The lunch stop was a lovely spot with a waterfall, a lovely pool, and benches to sit on.  There were only three family groups on the ride – us, a Japanese family who did not speak English, and a father and daughter.  It turns out the daughter is in school in NYC studying publishing and is an assistant editor for a popular magazine.  So we got into the eBook talk, and the self publishing talk.  I shared that all of my books are available electronically but that none are self-published.  We talked about whether I might or might not do that (I definitely will fro my short stories, and expect I will for novels).  She was very nice, and I enjoyed the talk.  Of note – she stated that she thinks this is a lovely time to be a writer because there are so many options available.

I agree.

We traded cards.  After all, publishing a small small world.


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