Fulfillment: The Goodreads Giveaway Process

Goodreads does a book giveaway program.  This is basically a chance for authors or publicists or publishers to give away copies of the book.  I just finished a run through of the program where I gave away 10 copies of Mayan December.

I like the process of autographing copies and sticking them in envelopes and hand-addressing them.  It seems personal, like a signing is personal.  And so much of this business isn’t actually very personal.

It’s also a small thing that’s not done in cyberspace.  It’s physical copies of the book going into physical envelopes and being mailed.  Yes, I love technology.  But sometimes it’s good to step away from a screen for a few minutes.  The top picture in the assembly line for getting the books ready. And below are the books are all ready to be shipped out tomorrow.  They are being watched over by the Nixie, the golden retriever…


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