Reading Recommendation: IronWolfe by Darragh Metzger

I saw my friend Darragh Metzger at one of my readings a week ago.  Not only was it fabulous to see her, but I learned that some of her books are now available for the Kindle.  Darragh and I were in the same writing group years ago, and one of the highlights of that time in my life was reading the series that starts with the fantastic Ironwolfe. I also learned a lot from Darragh…I can remember her drilling and drilling me on character reaction.  I can even remember the look on her face when she told the same thing for the fiftieth time.  She is still better at character reaction than I am!

If you love classic high fantasy quest books with horses and fights and honor and magic and kick-ass characters, you’ll love these.  Darragh’s actual experience with horses and fighting shows up throughout these books; I’ve seen her joust with the Seattle Knights.


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